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Hi Jackie,

Just read your post from yesterday... how are you feeling today?  How was your appt?

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Re: :: cocojack ::

  • Hey there.  Thanks for checking up on us.  Overall, I'm feeling fine.  OB heard the boys and they are doing great!  He said all my discomfort is normal (great) and associated with having twins... I will only get more uncomfortable.   :(  Oh well, it is for the greater good.

    I'm on a wkly schedule now... with NST visit each time.  And he asked me to schedule the csection already... which I did not like!  Obviously, since A is breech, vaginal birth is highly unlikely, but there is still time for him to turn.  Hopefully the next doctor I see has a different opinion... either that or A flipped and no need to schedule anything.  We'll see.


    -- Jackie
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  • I'm so glad to hear you are all doing ok :-)  Sux that the dr is pushing to schedule the c-section, but hopefully baby A will flip and everything will go as you hope.  But if not, just remember that whichever way they are born, once they are here you'll just be focusing on your beautiful boys!

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