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This really cannot be safe (NBR)

Our power went out causing the huge generator to come on and stay on for over 30 minutes.  The fumes from the generator have gotten into the building and smell horrible.  I have a headache and another coworker is coughing.  They said it is just the diesel fuel smell, no carbon monoxide since carbon monoxide doesn't have a smell.

Hello, if I am sitting in my car turned on with the garage door closed I will only smell the exhaust but the carbon monoxide will be the one to kill me!


My sweet boy :)
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Re: This really cannot be safe (NBR)

  • It isn't safe.  People have died from having small generators running in their homes in a power outage that weren't properly ventilated.  I mean, you might be fine and I just might be the diesel fumes you smell, I guess there's no real way to tell. 

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  • If I were you I'd go home. You shouldn't be expected to work with fumes like that.
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