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We tried the bike trailer tonight.  We had to ghetto rig it a little bit...missing pins to keep the wheels on so Ryan made some from staples...the harness was super skimpy so we're not sure if we're doing it wrong or if it's missing pieces or just that way - I need to Google and possibly rig up a 5-point.  Andrew was slumping/laying in the seat.

He was a little scared at first (why are you putting me in this cage with a helmet on??) especially when were trying to figure out the harness, but as soon as I moved he liked it :) 

He tries to take the helmet off, but if i put the strap tight he knows it's a losing battle and quickly gives up!

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Re: Kelley!

  • Yay!!  I'm so glad that he enjoyed it!  I forgot how much I love riding a bike.  It really helps clear my mind.  Extra bonus that I burn a few calories!
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