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What's everyone up to today?

The rain is making me so sleepy. Caleb & I are being lazy! Already on our 2nd episode of Sesame Street!
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Re: What's everyone up to today?

  • MIL comes today!  Light cleaning, followed by a trip to the airport, grocery shopping (in the wrong order, I know!), couch sitting. 

    Glad the rain here has stopped momentarily...

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  • DH and I just did p90x while Zoe is napping. Today is day two of exercise. I work this afternoon.
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  • We are just being lazy...Tipp is going through a growth spurt, so it's perfect for camping out on the couch and nursing ALL Day long!  I'm so glad we have no where to go in this rain.
  • At work, but hoping to make a Target run @ lunchtime.... we need diapers, etc and I need some retail therapy!!!  :)  Hopefully the rain is finished so I won't have to fight through that!

    2 conference calls this afternoon ---- tonight DH has a meeting so we'll have leftovers and then I'm chillin w/ the couch & Thurs. night TV!  :) 

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  • It's the day of conference calls - YUCK!  On the upside - we have Ella's 18mo appt today - can't wait to see how big she is :).  DH is going over to our other house tonight to do some work, so it's just me and the TV tonight - nice!  I can watch Project Runway withouth DH mumbling under his breath. 
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  • We skipped our music class today because Jocelyn woke up late and I didn't want to fight traffic in the rain. So we stayed home and played and fingerpainted. She's is napping (well supposed to be, she is thumping in her crib) right now and then her BFF is coming over to play.



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