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AW: Mirror Images (PSIP)

Check it out.

I'm having a little walk down memory lane tonight, and looking at Jonah's baby pics.  I'm a little misty and astounded to think that he arrived only 2 years ago, but I'm also a little panicked because HOLY CRAP, that went so fast!!!

So I'm wallowing in nostalgia, and I start wondering and experimenting with some pics.  Here is the scary/cool part.

Jonah at 1 week old:


Now take a close look.  Elliott at one week old.  


Is it just me, or are these two the same child?  

Re: AW: Mirror Images (PSIP)

  • WOW! They do look so much alike! Dang.
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  • They look so much alike! If you hadn't said they were different I would have thought that was the same child.
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  • Wow!!  V. cute but they could pass as twins.
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