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Am I overreacting? (pumping room related)

My employer set-up a very nice nursing room on the 24th floor (we are on 18). They changed the locks so only the Office Mgr and I have the key. There is a nice chair, ottoman, table, and mini frigde. I love the room and feel very comfortable pumping there. I pump through out the day and leave all of my stuff there until my last session (including milk in the fridge).

Well today I get a call that one of my co-workers (different department) is not feeling well and went to go lie down in the nursing room. I wasn't given an opportunity to remove my stuff from the room and I was schedule to go upstairs to pump at noon.

 Long story short, I get up there and everything is rearranged and my pump is unplugged. I 100% understand the room is property of the company and not mine but now I feel uneasy being up there. Are they going to let people up there all the time if they are not feeling well? Why did she touch my pump and move the funiture? Should I throw away the milk?

 Am I overreacting?

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Re: Am I overreacting? (pumping room related)

  • Yes, you are overreacting.  I wouldn't worry about your milk, mine is in the community fridge all day and I would never think anyone would do something to it.  I always keep my pump with me at my desk.  If you're concerned about these things, don't leave your pump in the room and buy a mini fridge to keep your milk in your office if you can.
  • I think you are. I have a vacant office that is used for storage to pump in and although I am the only one that uses that office I carry my stuff in when I go to pump and take it back to my desk when I'm done. I'd never leave my stuff in the room even though there is a fridge and I'm the only one who uses it.
  • Absolutely overreacting.  We have a room designated for all sorts of quiet activity, pumping, praying, resting, etc.   I notice other people leave their pumps/milk in this room, but I personally never do.  I keep my pump at my desk and milk in the community frige.  Believe me, no one wants to touch your breast milk, I'm sure it is fine.

  • I think the milk is fine. She probably unplugged your pump because she needed to plug in a cell charger or something, or thought you had accidently left it plugged in. I wouldn't worry.

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  • OK, I accept that I am probably overreacting, thank you for giving me some perspective. I guess the reason I was so shocked is because #1 I work for the company that owns the entire building and I pump in a vacant office in a vacant suite 6 floors above where we work so you would figure there was some where else she could go lie down for a while #2 the only reason the office manager has the second set of keys is because I gave them to her in case I ever forget mine or lock them in the room accidentally. Anyway, I guess I've learned my lesson and should probably just drag my stuff up and down every time I pump.

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  • honestly, I would still leave my stuff in there. I would have no problem with it.
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  • We're not allowed to leave our stuff in the pumping room; so I am used to lug them back and forth for my sessions. I find it a bit odd though that they let someone use it to lay down. Ours has pretty strict rule about usage (lactation and prayers only) and it has to be scheduled on a calendar.
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  • FWIW, I can see why you were surprised and irritated, but that's the end of it for me.  I agree that your milk is fine, and honestly I would just leave my stuff there.  It's nice they made such great accommodation.  They  probably just figured it was such a nice place it could be used by another employee for the purpose they did.  
  • As long as you were still able to go up and pump at your scheduled time, you're overreacting. I see no reason to throw away the milk you pumped.
  • I always brought my stuff to and from. Some moms would leave their milk in the fridge in our mom's room and then they'd be stuck waiting when someone was pumping when they wanted to leave.

    I was always afraid I'd forget to get it, so I just kept my milk in a cooler at my desk. And brought my pump to and from.

  • It sounds like you've gotten used to a nice set-up.  And while you say you know it's the company's room - I kind of get a sense that you do feel a little possessive of the room as, to date, you're the only one who has used it.

    I can understand the feeling, but I think you need to take this in stride.  As others said, I wouldn't worry about your milk.  As for the pump- up to you if you take it or leave it there. 

    But as there is a nice, quiet room in the building, I'm not surprised they may let others use it on occasion for specific reasons. It's kind of ridiculous to have that space for one employee only.  My old company had a pumping room too- but it was a "quiet" room that could be used for a few different reasons.

    However, I do find it odd that she rearranged the furniture!  She feels bad enough that she needs to lie down, but yet takes the time to move stuff around?! 

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  • I wouldn't leave my stuff in there period, regardless of who has access.  However, I'm quite anal with my stuff!  I do think it's odd that if one is not feeling well, they get to go take a break!  GO HOME!
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