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Article/Facebook Convo on Similac Recall (long)

One of my FB friends posted this article, with the following response to it.

"First of all, all women can breastfeed, with the exception of a very tiny minority. It is extremely rare for a woman to truly not be able to make enough milk to feed her child. For women having suppl...y issues, getting proper support (lactation consultant, breast pump, taking fenugreek, and just plain old encouragement) can be key in turning that experience around.

Therefore, almost all women that formula feed are making a choice to do so, for various reasons, some more valid than others. If a child has some kind of lactose intolerance or allergy, you don't really have any choice but to turn to a soy based formula. Most parents just assume (wrongly) that formula manufacturers would not put anything in baby formula that could harm a child, which of course is incorrect. I think it's important that parents be aware of what they are feeding their child, just like a breastfeeding mom will be sure not to take certain drugs or drink excessive amounts because it could harm her child through her milk, they need to be equally aware of what is in formula.

By the way, you can make homemade baby formula. The ingredients are inexpensive, and it is much healthier for baby." 


This is how I responded. Her attitude about it makes me feel awful!

"That article makes me sick, it is extremely biased and not constructive at all. I was lucky enough to breastfeed Caleb for 15 months, but we had to supplement with formula because I could not freeze my breast milk. You do NOT understand how... hard breastfeeding is until you have that experience, and I think its awful you are judging moms who choose (or have to) use formula. Yes I agree that formula should be regulated and parents should read the labels, but I know plenty of formula fed babies who are happy, healthy, smart and not fat from all the supposed sugar. This recall was extremely unfortunate, but I hate that people have turned into a reason for judging other women. If Pepsi was recalled for a similar issue, would you react the same way?"


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Re: Article/Facebook Convo on Similac Recall (long)

  • I just read the article...and wow! The last line really got me... "nutritionally abusing"...I can't believe how ugly some people can truly be. :( I formula feed my DD (I did try to breastfeed the first few months)... and since we use Similac, I have read up as much as possible on the recall and the comments I have read are very hurtful. I understand breast is best, we all know that, but I don't understand why people are so concerned with the decisions others doesn't affect them or their baby. I understand why mothers say "I'm so glad I breastfeed" since the recall...I don't think that is offensive, because I truly respect breastfeeding mothers, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done!!! But there is no need for the ugly and hurtful comments I have read by some moms. Good for you to responding to your FB friend's post!!! 

  • Well, even though I think the term "nutritionally abusive" is absurd, I do agree that the ingredients in Similac are disturbing.  We avoid HFCS and corn syrup solids (pretty much all forms of corn syrup) as much as possible.  I'd have a big issue feeding my child something with those ingredients.  I imagine if I had to forumula feed, I'd end up finding an organic formula or maybe even making my own. 

    I think the way your friend phrased her comment was thoughtless, and she probably should've just kept it to herself anyway.  But I do agree that parents probably assume that the ingredients in formula are the best ingredients they could be, and that may not be true.  Of course, that might depend on one's perspective of corn syrups, genetically modified ingredients, etc... .but if a person IS concerned about those things, then they might have to do some shopping around to find a baby formula.

    ETA: This topic made me curious, and I found this article on Dr. Sears:  It looks like it might be very helpful for someone who is starting to FF.

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  • I am currently reading a book called Unbuttoned.  It is well worth the read.  The Wake County library system has it.  It is all about this issue.


    I highly recommend it.

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