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Questions about adoptive breastfeeding

So I've been doing some reading on the protocols for induced lactation on and was wondering how well this stuff works. What kind of doctor do I need to see to get the medications? Also, is there a way you can really do it without having to get the domperidone and how successful is it compared to the Newman-Goldfarb Proctocol? What are the pros and cons to both ways?

I would really like to try to breastfeed my future child so I can experience better bonding and closeness. If anyone has some advice or input on this, feel free. I want to know for sure what this is all about before I make a complete yes or no to it.

Re: Questions about adoptive breastfeeding

  • I planned on trying this and did tons and tons of reading.

    From everything I read, you are only likely to have much of a supply if you use the protocol using domperidone.  The problem is that domperidone is not available in the US, so your doctor isn't going to prescribe it.  You have to order it online from Canada, which is obviously sketchy.  However, you can produce a significant amount of breast milk, although you may still need to supplement some with formula. 

    You can induce lactation without the medication, but you aren't going to have much of a supply (altough sometimes woman who have given birth before and are trying to relactate are able to get a decent supply this way).  If you lactate at all it may just be a few drops at each feeding, and it is a lot of work. 

    I did also read that the drug Reglan, which is available in the US by prescription, can induce lactation.  However, a common side effect in the mother is severe depression.  No thanks!


  • My cousin did this for my daughter... it's very much possible! Good luck!
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