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I know I have commented many times on your mom issues .. and explained the unhappy marriage my mom has with my stepdad. Well because I can deal with yet another thing in my life .... My stepdad called me at 8pm but I was putting Logan to bed. So he called my daughter's cell phone and she answered and he wanted to know if my mom was here. She said no, he said don't fib.. a few times.. very odd. So I tried called my mom's cell and it was right to voicemail.

So I called my stepdad back, we have no relationship whatsever, and asked when he saw her last. He said at 5. I said ok and what happened, he said she said she was leaving. He was acting very strange, I just had a feeling.

Finally my mom answered her phone. She is up in MA at my uncles. She said they had the same fight and rather than pour another glass of wine, she just left.

Ugh. It's so hard too see your mother unhappy in the same cycle over and over and over. Things have never been good. The last time we left during a fight was when I was pregnant with my daughter and they were fighting. I was sitting on my bed crying and he said that my pregnancy was ruining their marriage. Yeah..

Just needed to vent here. I can't say anything on FB about any of it.

Just the look of worry in my daughters face during that scary 20 minutes when we had no idea what was going on, if she was safe, hurt, whatever. I can't get that look out of my head. And even after she is not dumb, she knows something is up.

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  • Ugh, don't you love being more mature than your folks? Poor Alyssa is having such a rough time with this and it makes me sad that Cason won't have a real Papa...B's dad isn't going to be around much longer, my dads a tool and now so is my step dad so poor Cason :(. I'm so tired of stressing over all of this. I haven't spoken to my Step dad yet, not sure when I can...he's caused so much pain and turned my mom into a bitter woman. Sorry you have to join my pity party
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  • PS I lurve you
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  • Hellllz if I have to join the party there is no one I would rather join than with you.

    My stepad is a world class douche. I will never forgive him for how he treated me growing up. Anything he could do to just get a rise out of me. But his relationship with Kayla makes up for all of it. He is the only father figure she has had, like with your daughter. And the last thing I want her to deal with is this.

    But I want my mom happy. And she has not been in years. She is in an endless unhappy cycle because of money. She is able to do what she loves from home, and if she left she would not be able too.


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