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Ugh - Makes me mad

This.....makes me want to throat punch people!

Re: Ugh - Makes me mad

  • My sister is 8 months pregnant and has smoked throughout her entire pregnancy. It makes me SICK.

    To the point where, despite the fact that we're going to have children nearly the same age, I would choose my parents over my sister to raise Paige if something were to happen to us. Smoking while pregnant and then around children (especially babies!) is so wrong in my book.

    She came over to our house, we went for a walk, and she lit up. I wanted to punch her in the face. Like, I was embarrassed to walk around my neighborhood with an obviously pregnant woman who was smoking.

    She didn't tell anyone that she was pregnant until she was 6 months along because she was so embarrassed about it, and just couldn't quit. I go back and forth between feeling sorry for her (really, I know how hard it is to quit smoking - I've done it), and feeling completely disgusted by her (because if there's any reason to quit, it should be that baby!). 

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  • I know someone who smoked during pregnancy and is a respiratory therapist in the NICU.   I cannot fathom smoking after having set foot in a NICU.  It is so beyond selfish to me.  For the record, the person has since quit smoking but her child is older.
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  • Good Lord, I had no idea the percentages were so high!!!  I'm reeling, my head is imploding!  What is wrong with people?
  • Especially when you're TTC.  I know someone who TTC for years before getting pregnant and smoked all the while.  She continued to smoke while pregnant and then while breastfeeding.  Makes me sick.
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