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My Gym or Marbles? hmmm...

Between the two, which would you rather have a 2 year old's birthday party at? Or, which would you rather attend? What are some pros/cons for each?

What I do know is that a party at My Gym is only 1.5 hrs, and all you have to bring is food/drinks and cake. They handle the rest.

At Marbles, you get an hour in a party room, then guests are allowed to play in the common areas of the museum as long as they'd like. They also have a package that even includes a cake, ice cream, and drinks. Both supply plates/cups/etc..

I've never been to either (well, my wedding reception was at Marbles when it was Exploris, but not since the change. hehe). Are the exhibits at Marbles super spread out? It would be hard to keep a group together there, I'd think (not that they'd necessarily have to stay together)...

I've got some time, but I hear Marbles at least books pretty quickly, so I want to make a decision!

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Re: My Gym or Marbles? hmmm...

  • We love Marbles, and I think that would be a fun party, but I think it would be pretty tough to keep a party together after you left the party room. We have playdates there sometimes and it's tough to chat b/c we're chasing after all of our kids in different directions.

    So I'd probably go with My Gym- though I really think both would be a lot of fun.  Holly will definitely have a blast either way!

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  • We are looking at both as well, and I think we are going with My Gym! I just worry about Marbles being really spread out and I don't think people would stay together as a group. I've been to My Gym and it was a lot of fun, take Holly for the free trial to see how you like it. I have a membership to Marbles and it is had great exhibits for toddlers, and I'd think it would make for an awesome party, if you don't mind people being spread out. I guess I'm no help, the deciding factor for me would be if it would be worth it to have the stuff provided for me or not and what was more convenient for me location wise.

    ETA: I just looked at the Marbles package and it looks really good, I just thought also if you have children coming over the age of maybe 4 or 5, Marbles would be the better choice.  Hmmm..and members get 10% off, I may have to think about this!!




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