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XP: Should I use a Pull-up or no

I'd post this on the PT board but I need advice from people who's LOs are trained already.    

DS has been doing great with potty training.  We started 3 weeks ago and he's had no accident's (pee or poop) in a week.  We went straight to underwear (even at night).  

I'm taking the kids on a day trip to see my family 2.5 hrs away and it might not be easy to find a bathroom along the way (could be about 20 miles down the road).  Do you think it would set him back if we used a pull up just for the trip?  I'd still try to find the nearest bathroom but if it's really far we'd be covered incase he has an accident.  

So use a pull-up or suck it up and deal if he has an accident?  Thanks!   

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Re: XP: Should I use a Pull-up or no

  • Could you bring a potty with you in the car?
  • I would likely get a travel potty, one that you could quickly set up beside the road and bring some squirt sport bottles to quickly clean it out and go on.  

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    DS -- 3YO

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  • I sure would!

    If he doesn't need it he wouldn't use it!

    If it makes you feel any better about it just put underwear underneath it.

    Our other trick was to put a cloth diaper down in the car seat for the first few months they were potty trained.

    Cleaning those car seat covers is not fun.  Needing to clean one when you're on a road trip would be a nightmare and I totally agree with trying to prevent being in that situation. 

    We used pull ups for a flight shortly after training and they didn't even realize they had them on. 

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  • we have put a pull up on griffin (over his underwear) for long car trips - even though we have a potty in the car- you just never know and don't want to deal with pee on a car seat.

    we always tell him "this is just in case..." and he still tells us when he has to go - it's never been an isssue- he's never gone  in the pullup.

    we still use them at night even though it's been months since he has wet his pullup - HE wants them at night - i think he feels more secure in them.... so we still have him wear them - when he says he wants underwear at night we'll do it.... but for now he feels better with them on at night - so be it.... since it's not hurting his training (he never wets at night- always asks us to go potty if he needs to)

  • imageSept17.05Bride:

    We keep this in the car just in case DS has to go potty.


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  • imageSept17.05Bride:

    We keep this in the car just in case DS has to go potty.


    We have this as well and I love it.

    We also have this just in case there is an accident while still in the car seat.



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  • I put a puppy pad under DD on road trips.  If she does wet, it is super easy to clean up the car seat.  It also catches food spills.  I used to put her in a pull up and take a potty when she was training. 
  • Do not use a pull up.  I'd take the potty chair with on the trip.  I tried to put a pull up on my DD for a trip this summer and she refused.  Believe it or not she didn't have any accidents while we were on the road.  We had to stop more often but it was worth it.
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