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Rec. your large diaper bag

I am looking for a new diaper bag. I currently have a Petunia Pickle Bottom touring tote and it's just too small. I can hardly fit everything in there for just Keira so I can't imagine trying to squeeze everything in for two kids. With K's twin epi pens plus bottle of Benadry it gets pretty cramped. I am not looking to spend a fortune on some expensive designer bag, but I don't want something that looks too "diaper bagish". What do you have and why do you love it? Any bags to stay away from? TIA!
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Re: Rec. your large diaper bag

  • Skip Hop

    LOVE this diaper bag...looks like a purse and has LOTS of room!! 

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  • I have this one. I loved it for when she was a tiny baby, and I'll switch back if/when we have #2. I have to say it did get a little worn, so I was bummed it didn't hold up as well. But the stroller clips were the best part of the whole bag, way easier than the PPB ones.



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  • I have the utility tote from 31 that I use as a diaper bag.  It has tons of pockets and is very roomy.  The only drawback is that it doesn't zip closed.  I did NOT want something that looked like a diaper bag and this fit the bill. 


  • I use the Accessibility Tote from 31gifts. It doesn't zip, but it does have a magnetic closure, though I rarely use it. I love it. It holds several outfits, the 31gifts lunch tote (used for food/bottles), diapers, wipes, changing pad, and several toys with no problem.

  • I have the older version of Lands End's Do-it all Diaper Bag (which in 2006 was recommended by the Baby Bargains Book). I have used it for 2 kids and will use it agin for baby #3, It's big and other then when they were little and I needed to have more with me at all times, I usually just leave it in the car and bring one of those small wipe/dipaer holders with me in my purse.


    Here is the newer version of the bag...


    It's not fancy or decorative, but I love the function, space and all the pockets it has. 

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