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Hi ladies!

I am needing recs for a jeweler, stat.  I am pretty sure my diamond is loose and need to get somewhere to have it tightened (and cleaned).  I am guessing the moving stuff around jostled it a bit, or I'm just paranoid (which is totally feasible!).  Anyway, I would prefer to not use a "mall" jeweler but more of a family run business type of place.


Re: btown jeweler

  • Well, you could go to Goldcasters on the corner of Washington & 2nd (?).  I have gotten a few things from there and while the owner seems like a douche, the workers have always been really nice.  I have also heard really good things about Settle's but I have never been there myself.
  • My parents always use Victor Settles. They were located on the square but I think they've moved to S. College across from Courtyard by Marriott. My sister used Gold Casters on S. Washington.
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  • DH got my engagement and wedding rings from Goldcasters.  His mom gets a lot of stuff from there as well and seems pleased.

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  • Ditto Goldcasters (and Shauna's sentiments).  I've heard decent things about Argetinum (sp?) which is on or close to the square.
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