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I saw on another post that you delivered at St. Mary's. I am going to be delivering there in January and wanted to see what you thought of it.

Also, I'm nosy and read your blog and saw that you live in Lees Summit. DH and I recently bought a house in Lees Summit and I am planning on becoming a stay at home mom. Are you a member of any mom's groups or do you have any advice for ways to get to know other moms in the area?

Sorry if I'm asking too much or being too nosy! 

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  • Hi there, you are not being too nosy so feel free to ask anything.

     I did deliver at St. Mary's and I loved it. I had to start going for NST's twice a week when I was 28 weeks with my girls and so I got to know some of the staff before I went in for my c/s. They are all wonderful, there was not a single person I did not like. My girls were born Dec. 22nd so I was there over Christmas and the hospitality team brought my a handmade gingerbread house, the girls were brought back to my room that morning in hand sewen Christmas stockings. We were very well cared for. The food is great. You can call any time between the hours of 6:30am and 6:30pm to the cafeteria and they will bring you whatever you want. There is also a little kitchen in the birthing center where their is a fridge and cabnets full of food and drinks if you need something after hours. I love it that the rooms are all private and large, there is plenty of room for visitors or for you just you and your husband.

    The only moms group I belong to is a group called Double Joy for moms of multiples, I know there are others in the area though. Most of the other moms I know and have playdates with are ladies who I knew prior to having my girls. Some how several of us all had kiddos around the same time, but not all in the same area of the city. Some of them I know from my previous job, some I even met from being on the nest.


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