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UGH re-doing paperwork (vent)

I just got a call from one of the people at our foster agency (county) saying they lost our initial application because I sent it in the week that their supervisor quit!

I had a feeling that this had happened but didn't want to be annoying and call to check up. They've had our application for almost 6 weeks and we still don't have a CW. I called 2 weeks after they got it and she said she swore she saw it on the supervisor's desk (which come to find out, is obviously not true since the supervisor is no longer there).

And so it begins. I told my husband that I didn't know we were back in the Army with this lost paperwork stuff. I'll be MUCH more careful to photocopy EVERYTHING under the sun! I might as well buy a new printer that has photocopy capabilities!

Some of you are probably laughing at me since this is just the beginning but still aggravating.

The lady that called is even going to drop off a new one to me in a bit. Angry  CryingNo

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Re: UGH re-doing paperwork (vent)

  • That is the number 1 rule of adoption. Photocopies. With sticky notes saying when they were sent, with what and to whom.

    Also save Fax cover sheets and confirmations, receipts, and logs of phone conversations.

    I am THE MOST disorganized individual in the world, but I did all this (and kept it in a binder), and it saved our a$$es more than once.

    Sorry this happened to you, but I think it happens to everyone at least once. But that doesn't make it suck any less.

  • get some binders to keep your things in. binders for each child that comes into your home. document, document, document! Start now!
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  • Good ideas! Thanks ladies! I feel so stupid but it is definitely a learning process! I did buy some notebooks as they said it would be best to notate every.single.thing when it comes to each child. I'll just have to step it up and buy some binders to keep them in as well.
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