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WFD on nights when you have activities after school?

We usually do breakfast for dinner and soup and sandwiches.  Next week we have 2 afterschool activities (one for each child) and I have a late meeting.  I suppose I could do a crock pot meal, but nothing is really exciting me. 

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Re: WFD on nights when you have activities after school?

  • We have a paninni maker and on the weekend we grill extra chicken and make all kids of sandwiches from that. We also make meatballs on the weekends and throw together either subs or spag and meatballs. You can make taco meat in advance as well as sloppy joes. The crock pot doesn't excite me either. 
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  • I usually use the crock pot.  I have a ton of recipes. Let me know if you are interested in a particular one.

    Besides running through a drive thru another easy thing to do is a tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich with chips or hot dogs, frozen burritos, cold pasta salad or seafood mix together served on tostada shells.


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  • If I plan ahead enough, I will grill some extra meat and vegies then use them for quesadillas. I am a huge crockpot girl, but sometimes we get home too late for a heavy meal like those generally are.  Not gonna lie, I have fed him cereal with bananas in it though. Or a quick egg scramble.

    Try this blog though for the crockpot.

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