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I completely forgot to mention on the chicken and bacon recipe,  add a little chili powder to the brown sugar. 

I really should make some this week.  It is the best w/ a baked potato! Yummo!

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  • I am butting right in :)

    Is this by chance the recipe for the little appetizer thingy you brought a looooong time ago to a playdate?  Those were so yummy!  Can I have this recipe too if that is what it is for?

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Good to know! So I just wrap bacon around a chicken breast, then dip it in brown sugar w/ chili powder. Does any type of wash need to go on the chicken or will the juices be enough for the brown sugar to stick to it.

     That sounds so delicious - we're having it for dinner tomorrow night & I have plenty of potatoes for baking :)


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  • angelpack: yes this is the same recipe.  You are welcome to it.

    BTP: nothing is needed brown sugar to stick.  Enjoy!!

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