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So.. Ex and the bday party..

went over better then i expected. It turned out great abt 55 ppl and no arguments... during the party at least.  I was up extra early bc - go figure Taya got sick and was up @ 3am.. so i was working all day Saturday off no sleep. I set everything up the tables the tents and decorations. Once it was over i broke down almost all the chairs and the tents and looked over to see him just sitting there with his friends around the fire pit.. i wanted to kick him in lol..

the next morning i find out he said to his parents hes not helping take anything back or clean up anything bc hes tired. Thats when the arguments started.. and are still going on... i just love how its ok for me to run around and work in the heat and set up and do everything with no sleep and taking care of our daughter while he gets to sit back an relax??? and im considered a biitch bc i made a comment.. either way hes still a DB

But over all we had an amazing turn out DD loved every stich of clothing and toys she received. She fell asleep on her bike while the presents were being opened.. oh and she got 3 witer coats.. thankfully i now wont have to buy one.

So now i leave you ladies with just a few pics from the party!! Sorry if they are big..





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Re: So.. Ex and the bday party..

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