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Need advice

Sorry if this is longwinded. Douchebag has been involved off and on. He was lying about paternity but then tried to fight me for shared custody once I took him to court. I played nicely so I got full legal and physical custody and he pays $400 a month for child support. He pretended like he wanted to be involved but then got mad at me and said he would just be a paycheck to us. His family, on the other hand have been very involved and supportive.

My mom babysits my daughter, but will be out of town for 2 weeks at the end of October. I texted him that I need him to babysit her while I'm at work, or will have to take her to daycare and he will need to split the cost with me. He never responded. His mother is more than willing to babysit but he still lives at home with his parents. I don't think it's fair that he doesn't do ANYTHING for us and isn't interested in his own daughter but would get to see her without having the responsibility of taking care of her. Is it wrong to ask his mother to come to our house and babysit?

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  • OK, I had to read it twice because I was confused.  I still sort of am.

    I think that you are being sort of petty.  Either way, his mother is going to watch the baby, whether it is at her house and he gets to see her or not.  Why would it really matter where the baby was watched so long as she was safe and well taken care of?

    Either way, you are saving on the cost of daycare.  I would let it go and take her to his mother's house.

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  • ooh be careful, your distain is showing.

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