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School-Aged Children

Healthy lunch options?

Looking for lunch box suggestions... 

Our rotation looks a little like this:

turkey and cheese sandwiches or pinwheels

mac and cheese in a thermos

Pb and J

chicken salad sandwiches

leftover pizza

bagels and cream cheese 






string cheese



veggie booty or cheese curls or sun chips



kids cliff bars

We live in Seattle and things here are very green. I pack the kids lunches in as much reusable containers as possible and try to keep the ziplock baggie use to a minimum. 

I'd love to see other's lunchbox rotations. I need new "main course" ideas.  

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Re: Healthy lunch options?

  • Hi -- I lurk here alot lately as my mom recently took full custody of her 9yo ss with her husband & she has alot of issues relating to you ladies on here! Anyways since Im lurking and its slow ill answer :)

    Hard boiled eggs

    Egg salad sandwich

    cold pasta salad - (cucumbers, tomato,olives, favorite veggies, cheese cubes, fav dressing)

    Rice pilaf/rice and veggies

    Almond butter & banana sandwiches

    celery and peanut/almond butter with raisins on top

    homemade trail mix :nuts, craisins, raisins, dried fruit, m&m's, nuts, chex cereal

    left over dinners, soups, chili, sloppy joes in thermos

    cheese, crackers, garlic sausage or lunch meat, pickles to make cheese/cracker sandwiches

    lettuce wraps/roll ups
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  • I pack DD's lunch with these "main course" items: Although from time to time I will pack leftover dinners in their lunches.

    Turkey hot dogs/ whole wheat bun

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Pin wheels

    whole wheat crackers, ham or turkey, cheese (similar to lunchable)


    chicken salad or tuna salad with crackers

    salad w/ light dressing

    Pasta salad

    macaroni and cheese w/ sliced turkey dog




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  • I wish mine would eat hotdogs or lettuce. I too make my own lunchables for the kids. The store bought ones gross me out. 
    Tracey Mom to Logan and Liam
    I live for those smiles!
  • I bought this cookbook recently, and think that it's wonderful:

     Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids

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    Making It Work.


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  • I'll have to check that one out. Thanks!
    Tracey Mom to Logan and Liam
    I live for those smiles!
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