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So glad to find this board

I've been a knottie/nestie, but never a bump... um, what's the word? Bumpie sounds like chicken pox... Bumpster?

I have an 8 year old daughter in 3rd grade.

Anyone else?

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Re: So glad to find this board

  • imageStarAnnice:

    Bumpie!  hehehe

    Welcome!  I have an almost 7 year old DS who's in 1st grade.  I also have the little one who is 6 months, and we're TTC.

    Thanks for letting me know the right name. Bumpie it is!

    Newlyweds since 2007
  • I was happy to find it too the other day. Hopefully it will pick up a little. 
    Tracey Mom to Logan and Liam
    I live for those smiles!
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  • Welcome to the board!
  • Welcome to the board!! I have an 8 yr old little girl, who will be 9 on Oct 27th. She is in 3rd grade. I am also expecting another little girl Oct 22nd :)
  • Welcome! Mine is in KG.

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  • Welcome!! We were really glad to get this board!  :)

    I have a 5yr old son who is in Kindergarten and 4yr old twin daughters that are in preschool.  

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