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I'm still here

Hi all,

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I've been on here a few days ago and posted a bit on other boards, but I just wanted to see how you all are doing. I don't have nearly as much time to read up on everyone, now that I'm working. My boss just gave me the best schedule that I could have asked for though, and I am so happy about it! I go in at 9, which allows me to drop the kids off at school, and then I get off at 3, which allows me to be there to pick them up, too. I feel so blessed!

I'm doing fairly well these days. Missing the baby a lot, but still doing good. I talk to Lynn every so often, and she is always sending pics of him, and he is so adorable! I think I may be a bit partial, but he really is a doll. They are, of course, loving him and always thanking my hubby and I for giving them the opportunity to love him as their own. We truly love them, and are so thankful that everything worked out just as it did. I really don't think this situation could be any better. 

So I don't want to jump the gun, because it's still early, but DH and I have been kind of rolling it around in our heads, and we think we might be willing to carry another baby for Mike and Lynn. I know that sounds so insane, but seriously, I think I could. We really do love them so much, and would love to offer them another child, if they were okay with it. They want another child at some point, and I think  it would be nice if they could have siblings. Of course this would take place a few years down the road, but I actually think that I could do it again for them because I trust them fully, and I think that knowing from conception that I was carrying the baby for them it would allow me to be in a different mindset throughout my pregnancy. You know, it would be their baby right from the start, which would make mental preparation a little easier, at least for me.

It's just something that we've been thinking about, and I will wait a while before I approach them with it, and only if DH and I decide for sure that we would do it. I am looking to go back to school this spring, and that will take me another 2 years, so I think after graduation, I will look seriously at this. Who knows? Anyway, everyone is doing well, and DH and I have grown so close through this whole situation, and I am so thankful for that. We lost our twin boys 3 years ago (they were stillborn), and the aftermath of that really threw us for a loop that we did NOT expect, and I worried about the "aftermath" of this adoption, but things have actually improved, and we are so thankful to God that He knows what's up! :)

Thanks for letting me post on your board. I truly appreciate you guys.




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Re: I'm still here

  • I am happy to hear that everyone is  doing great.
  • Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you are all doing well. You are one strong mama!
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  • Happy to hear from you.   Glad you are feeling good about Lynn, etc.

    Take care :)

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  • I understand you completely! I am seeking that in about a year or so, I will surrogate for a deserving couple. I really want to get to know the couple first, like you know your friends, and have a great relationship with them before in-vitro so that we all go into it knowing what we want, and I'll feel comfortable having them come to my appointments. But what shocks a lot of people is that I would be willing to use my own eggs. I'm a healthy and vivacious gal and know that I am fertile... and I want to share that gift with another family to help them complete their family unit, like Georgie completed my cousins.

    That was such a gift to me, though it hurt at the same time, but I feel like a formal surrogacy would be much easier because from the beginning it would be understood that I am doing this for someone else, not because I can't do it myself.

    I am SO glad you're still around, its nice to have someone get me completely, and be able to tell me that time will heal me somewhat... :)))

    Your kids are ADORABLE!!! 

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