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When should we register?

We are homestudy approved and are in the process of getting our profile and everything ready for our agency.  When should we register?  Should we register for all gender neutral stuff or wait? 

Re: When should we register?

  • It's up to you. I started an amazon baby registry when we were in the homestudy phase, but no one really knew about it for a while. I used it more like a running wish list until things firmed up.

    We went for GN stuff. We had an emergency placement (DD was already born), so there was no time to choose gender-specific stuff until after she got here.

  • Well.... umm... we were approved about a month ago, and I've already started to register.  It's too much fun to put off.  I've registered for a lot of gender neutral things, but I didn't register for many clothes.  Mostly stuff that would be gender neutral anyhow, like pack n plays, travel systems, high chairs, etc.
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  • We registered the weekend after we got the call that we were matched and the baby would be here within a week.  We didn't know the gender so we did neutral items and then went back online and added boy items after we knew that our LO was a boy.
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