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Weekend plans?

Tonight DH and I are heading out to do some shopping and figure out what we're going to feed DD after the Similac recall. Oh, and see if we can find her ear protection anywhere in this backwater town.

Tomorrow DH is leaving me for the day and MIL is coming to visit. Joy.

Sunday all of us are going to a Celtic festival. Perfect weather (sunny and 71)--I can't wait!

Re: Weekend plans?

  • Tonight is dinner with friends. I have a full day tomorrow between running and running related things, a little work, maybe some fun. Sunday I have to take my MIL out for her birthday Huh?
  • Tonight is anniversary dinner.  Tomorrow, I am going to a half off consignment sale.  Sunday, the zoo!  The high on Sunday will be 78.  Perfect for walking outside and animal viewing.


  • Tonight I'm getting together with some ladies in my subdivision. Tomorrow we are having our old neighbors over for dinner. Sunday we have no plans but talked about going to see the Wall Street movie.
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  • Dr. L, I feel your pain with the Similac problem.  DH went out last night to get something, anything.  All our stores were cleared out of the powder.  Luckily he found some of the concentrated liquid still available.
    Anyway...weekend plans: nothing for tonight.  Tomorrow we have some shopping to do and need to get my oil changed.  Sunday my H is leaving me for a Giants game, but my parents are coming up for a visit so that will be nice.
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  • I'm working again this weekend.  I've already gotten more done today than I did all week in the office, so there's that.

    Tomorrow will be consumed by football most likely. 


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