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19 bucks for 4 wallets and a 3x5! And that was just the cheapest package. We ordered it to get her the class picture but sheesh.

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  • I always go for the cd package. That way, I will always have the rights to the pictures and I can print as many as I want!
  • I was able to order a $9.00 package that is the class picture, 4 wallets and 2 3x5's.  We just did professional pics in the summer for her birthday but I still wanted to get this just to have and really wanted the class picture.  I spent the $5 extra to get her name, grade and year on it to!
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  • I just order the cheapest package so they have something to remember that school year by, plus I like my kids to receive the yearbook at the end of the school year and if you order even the cheapest package it's included.
  • Our $19 got us a 5x7, 2 3x5s and 4 wallets...woot. I hope he smiled for real and not his super cheesy eyes closed smile. 
  • I paid $51 today for 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 4 3x5, 20 wallets and a class picture!
  • Ive never been a huge fan of school pictures to actually hang up and give to family.  I hate the backgrounds and when I was a kid we usually had pictures right after gym or lunch so my hair was a mess or I had something on my shirt. 

    With that said L had school pics Sept.15th first thing in the morning.  Not sure how they will look so we will probably only buy the cheapest package so I can have a class pic for him.   

  • Ugh -- I know!!

    I stopped buying the school pictures a while ago because in my kids' schools you have to buy one of the most expensive packages to get an 8x10.  And then you get dozens of tiny pictures you'll never use.  I was spending close to $50 to get one 8x10, which is ridiculous.

    Plus, the pictures of my DD usually suck, quite honestly.  She's a beautiful girl, but it never seems to come through in really posed pictures.  Her dad is the same way. DS is a little more photogenic, but I still feel the school pics are rip-offs.

    We have a friend who is a professional photographer, and I just get him to do pics of the kids every year or so.

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  • We just paid $20 for the CD. I figure I can get the pics developed that I want for around $5-10.
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  • image4boys?ohmy:
    Our $19 got us a 5x7, 2 3x5s and 4 wallets...woot. I hope he smiled for real and not his super cheesy eyes closed smile. 

    I laughed out loud when I read this, because that is exactly what my son did haha.

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  • I have mixed feelings about school pictures. We get quality pictures elsewhere. I want her to get school pictures, because it's part of the school experience. It seems like every child should get a packet. I just wish they could be better. The kids are rushed through, so I doubt any of them look their best. It's nearly as bad as the DMV. My biggest gripe is the class picture. There are always a couple of kids wearing pants that are too short, gross shoes or a distracting logo. These are not kids that don't have properly fitting, decent outfits. I've seen the same kids nicely dressed... just not on class photo day.
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