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XP: Does any live on lackland?

I'm looking at maybe moving on base for just a year. My dh will be deployed when the new baby comes and they management company on the house we rent just was notified by the owner that he wants the rent raised by $200 a month! UGH. Its ridiculous to pay that for the area we are in, so I'm thinking of moving on base for a while. I'd save some money with ultilities, and then feel safer on the base, especially with dh gone.

If anyone is on base can you tell me about it? Do you like it? We lived on base in Alaska and it was nice, but I know state side housing and overseas housing can be different.


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Re: XP: Does any live on lackland?

  • I don't live there, but I have heard the daycare is good!  A bunch of folks in my office take there kids there (I work at Brooks City-Base right now, but we are the last group from AFCEE that needs to move to Port San Antonio)
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  • Aw... I lived on Lackland for 3 years as a dependent 10-12 grade (technically I lived on Medina-- but I went to school and had tons of friends who lived on Lackland proper). I loved it! As far as military housing goes, its pretty freaking nice! The houses are small, but that is to be expected, but most of the housing is under 8 years old (aside from the old part of Medina--where I lived as a Col's kid).

    It is a great community feeling with great parks. The park on Lackland is AMAZING. You should really go there even if you don't live there. It is a great place for kids because it is safe. It really has a 50s feeling where you can just let your kids go play outside and not have to super watch them (not that your son is really old enough to do that...)

    Now... your surroundings outside the base are less than desirable. It is a drive to a decent mall (I don't consider Ingram a decent mall), but there is a Target and Super Walmart right in the 151 and 410 corridor that didn't exist when I lived there.  Also, the restaraunts have greatly improved too.

     All in all there are far worse places to be!


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  • Thanks Lindsey!

    We will have to see what's available. I take ds to the big wooden park over there all the time. I love it. They have some brand new houses that were just built and some ones built within the last 10 years. Anything would be fine for just the year we'll be there.

    I also think it'd be good to be surrounded by other military spouses since I don't know too many girls around here either.  Can get involved in base activities, etc.  It's a nice support system when dh is gone.

    I think dh is putting us on the list tomorrow so hopefully something will come up by the time we need to leave here.

    sucks, I love my house, but the owner is out of his mind!!! :)

    Thanks dawnzer!  I actually have ds in a great daycare now. He has MAJOR seperation issues, so I cant imagine moving him from where he's at now, at this point in time. He finally doesn't cry when I drop him off now...after 6 months!!! But I have also heard great things about the cdc's on base.

     Thanks guys!!!

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  • I just got stationed there and they gave us brouchures during the newcomer's meeting-- the housing is built by an independent contractor and *very* nice. Space might be an issue though.  I was talking to this guy that was inprocessing and he said that he was told that there was no space available.  He said he inquired May of this year.
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  • Hi there!  We just moved to Lackland 3 weeks ago.  I am active duty and we live here on base.  Base housing at Lackland is privatized under Balfour Beatty.  The way it works is, your rent is the amount of  BAH the active duty receives which is based on rank.  The member's Leave and Earning Statement reflects the BAH amount but it all goes to a direct deposit to the company, which is Balfour.  I am fortunate to live in the neighborhood here on base and because I am expecting my third child (and I think my rank has something to do with it), I have a brand new 4-bedroom home.  If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Good luck!

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