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Anyone else in Morgantown for the whole thing? Personally, I grew up here, so even with the abundance of college students, I love it.

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  • I live in Morgantown! =)

    I am from Nashville, but my husband is from here, so after we met and got married, we moved back here. I have lived here almost 3 years. BTW, what is up with your man's mom? And if you don't mind me asking, where is your mom in this process?

  • My husband and I just moved to Morgantown last Aug. We are here for three more years b/c he is in grad school. I'm not to big of a fan of Morgantown. We moved from Charleston and I LOVED it there. 
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  • His mom's just... crazy. I don't understand it. She refuses to give me a chance, and now she's claiming that she's not coming in to meet her grandson. She's coming in because the day after my due date is her birthday.

    My mom is... Very unhelpful. She doesn't want anything to do with his family, and has decided that she won't be at the hospital if his mother is. So, it's fun all around. 

  • I love Morgantown! I went to Fairmont State and by the time I graduated the town was unrecognizable. I like how Morgantown is growing every year and is getting very conventional with farmer markets and organic foods/cafes. Go mountaineers!
  • I live in Morgantown. I grew up here, went to college here, and met my wonderful husband here. I am a true Mountaineer fan!! I am busy growing a little Mountaineer fan in my belly. He's only the size of a blueberry but he'll know which team to cheer for :)
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