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Just when I was at my wits end...

DS has really been difficult lately with the lying and being manipulative, but yesterday he just melted my heart.

He went out to ride his bike first thing in the morning and came back all frantic about our neighbors having a garage sale. He said there was some things he wanted and they were really cheap and he had his own money to buy it. I told him he could and when he came back, he had 2 toys for his little brother and nothing for himself. He spent all his money on his brother.

I couldn't believe how sweet and thoughtful he'd been. He was really proud of himself when DS#2 was so excited about the new toys. I just had to share!

Re: Just when I was at my wits end...

  • That's definitely an "awwww" moment.
  • Awwww that is so sweet!
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  • That was very thoughtful of him :)

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  • What a wonderful big brother.
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