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For those of you with two middle names......

I'm assuming your name is written out with two middle names on your birth certificate. When you fill out legal forms do you just use one of your middle names? For example, on your credit cards, license, etc. does it say John W. Doe, John W.J. Doe....?

Are there any circumstances where you do need to use both middle names?

I've never been big on the two middle names thing, but my grandma passed away and I've been thinking it'd be nice to honor her. Her name was Mary Lou, though. My other grandma is Mary Louise so I've thought of using Mary Louise in the middle for both of them, but wondered if it would cause any problems.

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Re: For those of you with two middle names......

  • I have two middle names and I use both whenever I can! Example, on credit cards First X Y Last, full name on license not just middle initials, diplomas, forms I use both initials or fully written out. I LOVE my full name with both of my middle names so I use them always! My second middle name is 'Dragavon' (my mom's maiden name) and it's so unique I use it whenever possible :)

    Mary Lou and Mary Louise are adorable!


  • It drove me nuts. DH and his brother also have 2 middle names and it continues to drive them nuts. 

    I had to fight to get the middle name I wanted on my diploma from HS. They would only do one. 

    I had issues getting an international wedding license because they somehow had the wrong middle name.

    I had issues getting my SS card as an adult. 

    NY DMV is a freaking joke.  

    Several other nitpicky issues have arisen but those were the really annoying ones.  

    I dropped them both when I got married and just kept my maiden name.

    DH and his brother have had less issues than I have but still get things messed up at work (they work at the same firm).  


    LOL sorry I always get wrapped up in this question I forgot to answer your question. There have been times when they have wanted both middle names. I just used the first one for most things.

    Mary Louise doesn't really strike me as two middle names, just a double single name. Even Mary-Louise or MaryLouise is good too.  

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  • I have two middle names and I've never had any issues, I squeeze both initals in when I can and when I can't I just use the first.
  • All of my credit cards and bank accounts have Brianna KE Lastname on them, but I make it a point to sign: B. Katherine E. Lastname, since I go by my middle name.

    My birth certificate and social security card have both of my middle names written out fully.

    But, for everyday signing of credit card slips, checks, and whatnot I only sign Kate Lastname. It's never been a problem. 

    Although I will say that when I was married and officially changed my last name, I did have the judge at that time sign an affidavit of sorts for me, listing all the variations of my name (the above mentioned, please BKE Lastname, Brianna Lastname, Brie Lastname, etc.) so that if I ever ran into trouble with employers or banks I could show them a copy of the letter. 

    After the Privacy Act was passed, I started having minor troubles with names and the proper signatures because over the course of my life I've changed the way I sign and the name I prefer to be called, as well as legally changing my last name from the hyphenated name my mother gave me to just a single last name and then to my married name. Having that affidavit has been extremely helpful--I carry a copy in my wallet, lol!

    I still plan to give our children two middle names to carry forward the tradition, but I absolutely must urge parents not to give their children hyphenated last names. When I was in school I constantly had to explain why I had two names and that I preferred 2ndLastname. And it often caused me legal problems with taxes and employers. It is a huge inconvenience.



  • I have two middle names... and I'm awesome. It's not really an issue on forms etc.
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    I have two middle names... and I'm awesome. it!

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  • I changed to two middle names when I got married, and honestly, I hate it. Partly because if I use just one MN, the name I'd rather use is the second (my maiden name) b/c I still sometimes use that professionally, but then some things automatically put my first MI as my MI, so it gets confusing. I would never recommend giving a child two middle names. Either hyphenate or change the first name.
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  • I should add, you do have to put your full name on your passport and I have it on my driver's license as well (which caused a lot of problems b/c they couldn't make it fit!) and of course on my SS card. I think for international travel you have to have the exact same name on your ticket as on your passport, so you'd have to use both MNs there as well.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • Everyone in my family has 2 MNs, as far as I know, none of us have had issues. I occasionally do both but more often these days I just use the first, as it is the one I prefer. My son has 2 MNs both to keep up with tradition and b/c DH wanted his MN to be the same and as their first names also start with the same letter I thought it was a bit much, so the second middle name helped differentiate them.

  • Honestly, it's never been a problem for me. I have long middle names too. My cousins have 2 MNs as well and they've never had problems, either.
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