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I know that I have not had my baby yet but a coworker (who is also pregnant) said that I need to be looking now for a GOOD baby day care.  She said that I need to go ahead and get put on a waitlist so my baby will have somewhere to go when I have to go back to teaching in August 2011.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about a good, reputable day care.  To be honest, money does not really matter too much at this point I just want my baby to be wonderfully taken care of!  HELP!

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  • Hey! So I teach preschool and people have a really hard time finding great daycare... especially for infants. If I were you I would talk to friends/co-workers who have children and find out where they go. A lot of the larger daycares in Anchorage/Eagle River are great for older children, but I haven't heard any good things about their infant care.

     I would recommend/plan to myself finding an at-home daycare. I think these tend to be more expensive but then you know who specifically is taking care of your child, what the environment is like and how many other children will be there. These places also tend to fill up and have waiting lists!

     Just some thoughts for you! Good luck!

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  • Thank you so much for getting back to me!  How do you suggest for me to find a home care person????  Like I have said before in posts, my husband and I have lived up here in Alaska for a year and the rest of our family lives in georgia!  I will take any advice I can get!
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  • The best way is really word of mouth. Talk to co-workers and see if any of them recommend a home daycare provider. I know a great lady who lives in Eagle River... do you live in ER or Anchorage? If Eagle RIver let me know and I can send you my friend's email!

     You can always check craigslist and see if there is anybody on there that sounds fabulous! There are usually a few ads for people with an opening or two. If you start looking now you will have time to check out their space and meet them. Most good providers should have references or past parents you can call and talk to about them too...

     Good Luck!



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  • We actually live in Anchorage but we are off of Turpin so we are not that far from Eagle River!  I will take any word of mouth recommendations that ya'll can give me!
  • I live in Delta Junction and I got one of my moms friends to take care of my little one.  I go over there all the time just to hang out, and she is available all the time eg, I have to work at 5am so I drop her off around 4am.  And its only 20 dollars a day.  Maybe look into someone or a SAHM that would like a little extra money?  Do you have any friends with kids yet? 
  • You live in Delta? Do you know Ashley Jones? My bf has been working with hers in Coldfoot this year... just wondering. Alaska's a small town! :)
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  • Yes, Delta is a small town.  I know her, her mom, her brothers and sister, niece, step dad.  And she was in the grade lower than me all through HS.  lol    I am surprised there are not more people from Alaska on the bump, there isn't that much to do on cold winter days except make babies or practice  lol  :D
  • That's great... she's pretty fun!

     I know... we practiced for a long time before we found out we were having our baby!! :)

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