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Mairne Wives On Camp Pendleton!!!

I am wanting to find out more info on labor and delivery there at the Naval Hospital.
TriCare doesn't like me too much, neither does my doctor... so I am having to wait a while to actually find out some more info.

What kind of info can you tell me about your experience with the Naval Hospital and pregnancy/labor/delivery???

Thank you! =)

Re: Mairne Wives On Camp Pendleton!!!

  • I would like to know this too as I will be there in November and due in January.
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  • I delivered my first there in February '09 and am currently seeing my OB there and will be delivering my second there in December.  Ask me whatever you want.
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  • I delivered there last January. I didn't have any issues with L&D, but didn't like the midwife I saw at all. 

    I saw the same midwife my entire pregnancy aside from a few occasions where she was unable to see me or I had an acute appt. I felt she didn't particularly listen to me or give me much info about anything, and next time I plan on being a little more outspoken, so I get the info I want/need so I don't feel so clueless.

    Other than disliking my midwife, I didn't have any problems. My labor and delivery went great and I couldn't have asked for a better group of drs and nurses. They were very helpful and nice. Which was good because I set myself up to believe they were going to be mean. haha

    When I was up in my recovery room I had some trouble breastfeeding and was given a nipple shield but never actually got to see a lactation consultant, and I feel like that sort of set me up for disaster. If you find yourself in this situation and really want to breastfeed I suggest you insist on seeing the LC. 

    Bring pillows, theirs suck. You will have a tv/dvd player in your room. Bring your own soap and shampoo, theirs sucks. Baby will stay in your room the entire time. We weren't even given the option of sending him to the nursery to get some rest.

    Not sure if that is even helpful, but if you have any more questions feel free to PM me or ask (: 

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  • Thank you ladies.

    I went today for my Prenatal Registration and it went well, minus the 7 vials of blood and the massive near passing out after.

    But I know now that I am going to be seeing a midwife who has gotten good reviews. So I am pretty excited. They are really good about making apointments for you when you ask for them.
    I am leaving for Maui in 10 days, and really wanted to see my dr, and have a us so I can have a little bit of reasurance and make sure the baby is on the right track.

    So all in all, it seems like this will not be too bad!

    I am pretty excited though.

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