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Dr. Abrams at Montgomery Regional

Has anyone used Dr. Margarita Abrams and Montgomery Regional? Or had a baby at that hospital?

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  • I have not used that doctor, but I did give birth at Montgomery Regional. It was a very good experience. I used Phyllis Turk, a nurse mid-wife, and she was fantastic! I was at the hospital in labor for about 16 hours, and everyone was very supportive. The nurses were friendly and took very good care of us. I hope you have a good experience too! If you have any specific questions about the hospital feel free to ask.
  • When I initially started going to a GYN I saw Dr. Abrams and really did not have that many complaints.  She started getting really busy and difficult to see so I switched doctors.  I know two ladies that were delivered by Dr. Abrams and they absolutely loved her.  I'm not going to Montgomery Regional for my pregnancy because I personally can't stand that hospital but I do know several people that have claimed to have a good experience there. 
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  • I used one of her partners, Dr. Altizer, because Dr. Abrams was not taking new patients when we moved here a couple years ago. Abrams is very good and I saw her a couple times when I couldn't get in to see Altizer. She actually helped after my delivery, which was really traumatic. If it weren't for the staff at MRH I may not have lived. I lost 2 liters of blood during delivery and had to be rushed into the OR for an emergency blood transfusion and procedures to stop the bleeding. All of the staff acted very quickly and professionally. I was also in the ICU after that and everyone was wonderful. Best of luck with your pregnancy! Let me know if you have any questions.
  • I actually just saw Dr. Abrams the other day (while rotating through the doctors - I usually see Zolovick) and was not impressed. Sad She rushed me through and even made a comment to the nurse that she "needed to get the hell out of there." I think she may have been on call, but still. I've had great experiences with every other doctor at the Montgomery OBGYN practice though - they're all fabulous!

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