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What Toy Does Your 19 Month Old Like?

I haven't bought DS a new toy in a while. He does not color, eats Playdough so those are out for right now. We are having a hard time with him playing independently. He loves to bring us books and try to get into anything he shouldn't -- garbage, toilet, etc. Nothing really retains his interest for more than a minute.

Re: What Toy Does Your 19 Month Old Like?

  • My son is 16 months, so we're a bit behind you, but... We just got my son a little people dumptruck, with blocks to dump out. He LOVES it way more than I thought he would. Also, he loves those little books with lights, sounds, and songs (vtech?) - he's a book lover as well.
  • Mega blocs or Giant Legos (mega blocs are cheaper). Anything that rolls.
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  • DS loves balls. We have a ton of balls of all different sizes. He loves to put them in things like boxes. The only problem is working with him on not throwing the balls in the house...

  • DS loves Legos, Building Blocks, his golf set, balls.  I would say his favorite is the Legos, 1/2 the fun for him is dumping them out and putting them back in their container.
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