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First month of TTC

I am brand new to the bump.  DH just talked me into going off BC.  If I only knew that it often take several months to get back to ovulating after BC, I would have stopped it sooner.  It's just weird to have been doing everything to prevent pregnancy and feeling anxiety if I thought I was pregnant for over ten years, and now I am telling my body, "Just kidding.  You can do your  natural thing now.  I'm okay with it."  At this point, I am not getting too technical...just having lots of sex and tracking to determine ovulation.  I had no clue how detailed TTC can be.  Tracking body temperature and cervical mucus?  Who knew?  Good luck to everyone here trying to have a little one.
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Re: First month of TTC

  • Same to you, it is our first month TTC after bcp too... I know your feelings and frustrations. It's like WHOA this can be complicated...

     Good luck to you!

  • Hi!

    I too am just off of BCP.  I took my last one last Saturday so I don't know yet how my body will react.  We are waiting a month or so to TTC.  I don't get paid maternity leave at my job  so I needed to sign up for short term disability.  I can't file a claim (pregnancy related) for 10 months so that means I can't give birth before July 1st.  I know the chances of getting pregnant first month off of BCP are slim but I don't want to take any chances not having that cushion of the short term disability.  That will also give me a chance to see how my body is off of the birth control.  Anyway enough rambling.  Good luck to both of you!

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  • I'm in the same boat as Googs!  I'm just finishing my first cycle of TTC and it's odd.  For the past 10 years, I've been preventing pregnancy and like a flick of a light switch, I'm trying to have a baby.  I haven't told anyone in my family that I'm TTC; even though I'm 28, have a house and DH & I have steady jobs, I'm scared my family will be upset that I want a baby (like I'm still a kid...).  Hopefully my head will catch up with my heart soon and calm my fears soon...


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  • Good luck, this is our 1st cycle TTC also.
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  • Understand your frustration! DH and I have been TTC for about a month and a half now. Why can't it just be as simple as it sounds when you're little and your parents tell you the whole "when a man and a woman love each other...." story!  Oh well, life isn't supposed to be easy, that would just take the fun out of it!  GL to you and hopefully we'll get our BFPs soon!

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  • Just off the pill as well. I, too, read that it "can take" up to 3 months before your body adjusts, but doc also assured me that once you stop the pill, it's open season, essentially. 


    This, of course, has me way too excited and feeling like I'm setting myself up for disappointment but still so hopeful! 


    FYI - posted this elsewhere too - did anyone notice major changes after going off the pill? Libido sky-rocketed, moodiness was gone, etc? 

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