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Prefold leaking - help!

I'm using prefolds on my 3 week old right now. I fold them using a newspaper fold, but I'm getting pretty regular leaks from the legs (though thankfully it doesn't escape the cover). Is there a better fold I could be using? Or a way of adusting the fold we're currently using to limit our poop-splosions?


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Re: Prefold leaking - help!

  • Bikini is good for holding poop.  However, we just use angel wing and it works fine.

  • Thanks pixy! I'll give those a shot.

    So much poop!

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    I've heard that Snappis really help with poop-splosions too ;)

  • Jelly roll worked great for us after angel wing started leaking. We used a Snappi too.
  • We used the angel fold exclusively, but we have a girl baby, so don't know if that matters.  But, using the Snappi is a must, no matter which fold you use. 
  • Angel wing, with a snappi.

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