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DH goes to the OCS board tomorrow :)

Wish us luck!  He is so excited!!

I also really appreciate all of your ladies (and husbands) answering questions we've had along the way and hope to officially join you all soon :)

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Re: DH goes to the OCS board tomorrow :)

  • Best of luck!
  • Good luck! Check out a website called Officerfamilies.com. They were a HUGE help when MH went through OTS (they have an Army branch, Marines, Navy, ect for all the OCS/OTS families waiting for their candidates to get through it).

    They will help answer questions specific to that particular phase in your DH's career and in your life as a family. Of course if you have any other questions there are many women here who can help out too.

    Also that website has a big brother site (i dont remember the name but it is somewhere on the Officerfamilies page) that your Dh can use for further info.



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