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"It's a Girl" Cigars...

Where's a good place to find some " It's a girl" Cigars?? I know I can order some online, but being that i'm already over due, I dnt really have time to wait for them to get here.

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Re: "It's a Girl" Cigars...

  • I don't know of a place off the top of my head locally but I would just use a google maps search "cigar shops san diego" and just start calling...or pay for overnight ;)
  • I know at Hoffers here in La Mesa has them.  I saw them in their humidor rooms.
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  • Sorry here is their info...


    8282 La Mesa Blvd ?  La Mesa

    (619) 466-8282
  • Are you looking for real cigars or the bubble gum kind?  If the later, Sharp MB has them...they are a little pricey, but they are easy to get!
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