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How long were you waiting before you started to get impatient?

We just finished our homestudy a couple weeks ago and have an active profile, and I have not felt any type of impatience or anxiousness.  It may be beacuse we have a nice vacation planned for the end December, and I am really looking forward to that. Or it may be because I know that something will happen eventually.

How long did it take you to start feeling impatient to "get the call?"

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Re: How long were you waiting before you started to get impatient?

  • I never really did. We know it would happen when it happened. It was good that we checked in with our SW every 6 weeks or so, and she would give us an update on how many people had looked at our profile. She was very encouraging.

    We took that time to get the basics we wanted in the house to have ready for a baby. I'm glad we did.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  • For the most part, I was pretty calm.  I knew that when the time was right, our baby would arrive.  On those days when I was DYING for an update, I would email our case worker for a kernel of news.  Even a quick, "Things are really quiet right now" would give me peace for a few weeks, lol.

     Stay busy . . . be spontaneous . . . sleep a lot.  Enjoy your "pregnancy" because it does go by quickly. 

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  • We were told the average wait was 12 - 15 months, so, although I thought about it all the time, I didn't really feel impatient.  We told our caseworker we didn't want to know when our profile was shown b/c I thought it would be too stressful. Around the 9 month mark, I started feeling antsy - especially because I met people who had waited a shorter time but were already matched.  I decided to tell our caseworker that we wanted to know if we were being shown. I thought that if I knew our profile wasn't just sitting on a shelf, I'd feel better.

    About a month later, we got a call that a birth mother wanted to talk to us and she chose us!

  • I have been very impatient since about the 6 month mark. We have been waiting for 10 months now and I am going crazy. It's very hard for me!!

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  • We've been waiting 3 months, and I'm just starting to feel impatient. We were told the average wait is 6-12 months, and I expected it to take atleast 6 months. But, I've already started to feel it. But it comes and goes, I'm not completely anxious all the time yet, we'll see how long that takes.
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  • I didn't feel impatient until we had a failed match, and then another, and then another *almost* failed match.... now I'm starting to feel it :(


    But then I calm down and remind myself that my son came into our lives at the perfect time and our next child will too. 

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  • Abouuuuuuuuut now...... 

    We're finding it starting to get pretty tough.  We went for a walk with our dog last night and there were parents with babies in literally every single direction.  G even commented "wow, it's 'screw you' day in the neighborhood!"

    We've been active for 8 months now and I just found out that our file was shown 2 times this summer.  On the one hand I'm excited that we're getting to a place where we are high enough on the list to be shown, but on the other hand we're getting impatient. 


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  • i am impatient and a lot has to do with my age.  in sept i will be 44.  we have been waiting for a 1 1/2 year, so i'm hoping to hear something soon.

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  • Hmm, it is hard to say bc we had a couple interested in us right away (in March), and that just ended in July. Since we did not receive the placement, I would say I have been impatient the whole time! My DH is Captain Patience, so he is fine waiting.
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  • My DH is Captain Patience, so he is fine waiting.

    Ha. Mine too. It's so annoying!

  • We were patient until now as we just jot a referal of our sweet baby boy in August and now we have to wait for the travel call I am ready to hop on a plane now! :)
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