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Is there a such thing as........

Hey everyone! I am really annoyed by the lack of support my husband is giving me.... I am wondering if there is a such thing as an incubator that will mature him in the next 4 months??? I am so irritated by his childish issues. This is my 2nd child but it will be our first together... Please help... any words to the wise???

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  • Dh seemed pretty ready from the get go, but I could tell at the birthing classes, some of the guys weren't taking it seriously at first. I think through the class they started to understand that it was a serious time.

    There are also books for dads that are lighthearted but informational. I know one was called What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding. You probably know all the information already, but your husband might not.

    Does he have any friends with kids? Maybe counseling is a good idea if you're that worried about it. This is a big deal and you need him to be there with you. GL!

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  • I honestly think that the problem is none of his friends do have children... From the youngest friend to the 47 year old friend none of them have or want children. He was all about the baby and being a dad unitl a month ago and I think that it has a lot to do with my growing tummy. I am serious too. He just stares at is and says things like "how long do we have again" and "wow you are getting really pregnant". IDK I feel like I am to worried or not worried enough.
  • Has he felt the baby kick? I have also read a lot about when moms and dads bond with a baby. Moms bond as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Most dads don't really "get" the whole baby thing until they get something in return, like a first smile. I know my DH said that the newborn stage was pretty boring but around 5 weeks he started becoming more interesting once he could interact more with us through coo's and stuff.

    As long as he is still on board with helping you and the baby, it could just be a matter of waiting. I don't think you are too worried though. That would be scary for any soon to be mom. GL!

  • I am a birth doula in the Greenville area, and I believe talking to a doula would help your husband feel more informed, more prepared, and more excited about being a daddy. Most doulas, including myself, offer a free consultation with no obligation to hire her for the birth, and at this meeting she could provide excellent information and encouragement that your OB doesn't have the time to give. Your family is worth it- talk to a doula!
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