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Breathing sigh of relief regarding pt test

I passed my first post baby fitness test today. I was terrified I might not. I had a difficult pregnancy and was unable to exercise much. I've never been athletically inclined anyway, but add in 9 months of inactivity and I was a big unfit blob! I worked my butt off since coming back to work. I lost all my pregnancy weight +6 more lbs. However, I was still struggling with my run. I was worried I might not pass. Today, I ran a personal best and passed with an overall score of 84.4. Not stellar, but not too shabby. I know I have to keep working out to maintain (and hopefully continue to make improvements), but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders by passing this time.
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Re: Breathing sigh of relief regarding pt test

  • That's great! Congrats! Big Smile

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  • Yes congrats, thats awesome
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  • Good job!

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  • Great job! Idk what the score means since I'm Army and we're scored differently but passing is passing! Congrats!

    I'm about to take mine after a year off from a knee surgery. I'm petrified.

  • image Carabiner252:
    not steller? that's freaking awesome, dude. Go you! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I am also dreading my PP pt test (april) but for me it's those darn push ups. I hate them!

    This. I can't wait till January to meet my LO, but I know shortly after that I will have to work my butt off to pass my PP PT Test.Push-Ups are my weakness, I hate running but I know I can do it. My Platoon Lt. wants me to take our annual PT test next month but there is no way that I could pass...or really even attempt at that point.

    Anyway, Congats that's amazing!! Big Smile

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