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tell me your pumping/ bfing schedule

ds is about 2 weeks now and i want to start pumping to save some milk for when i go back to work. how/when do you pump while still bfing???

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  • I was told by several lactation consultants to pump 1 hour after a feeding (preferably the morning, but I found it hard sometimes to be that organized and would just need to fit it in when I could).  That way your body builds up enough milk but you can pretty much guarantee that your body will also have time to build up some more milk before your child feeds again, unless they want to cluster feed at that time and then you have to wait until another feeding to fit in the pumping).

    It worked well for me, and I now now have several bottles stored up in the freezer from doing that some days!

  • Everybody is diffrent, but I started pumping in the morning when I got a long streatch of sleep from LO..At least 4 hours! Then I would only let LO take one breast until she fell back asleep and I would pump the other one. sometimes she would want the other breast though, so I gave it to her. Then I would have to wait for another time. Also i would pump any other time she only fed off one breast It slowly increased my supply that way and it was more convenient for me because i did'nt have to time it out. GL
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  • My 1st pump sessions were in the middle of night when DS started sleeping 5 to 6 hour stretches. I would nurse him on just one side and then immediately pump both sides when he went back to bed.. I got a ton right away since it has been longer since DS nursed. I also try to pump 1-2 other times during the day. Each time DS is satisfied on one side, I pump the other.
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