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meds: how did you feel 2wks in?

I'm new to meds for the 1st time for anxiety/obsessive intrusive thoughts; seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist.

This Friday was the 2 week mark for me and I feel significantly better, way better than I thought I could - eatting normal, sleeping well, enjoying life and my kids and husband again. If I had to quantify it, I'd say I've experienced about an 80% improvement back to my normal self. I'm still kinda freaked out being on meds at all and Q side effects; eventual weaning; worry about having to increase does etc. but for the most part I went from having all day panic/worry/obsessions and not being able to function a few weeks ago to being "normal" most of the day with just the occasional worry, nervousness, feeling bad/sad/down as a result...

My doc doesn't believe in following the typical titration schedule and likes to treat the patient's symptoms instead so decided to keep me on the same initial dose of my meds even after 2 weeks (he said the textbooks would have him go up to the next dose at that point). I agreed wholeheartedly but just this weekend I had 2 not so great days; lots more worry; intrusive thoughts; generally feeling pretty anxious etc. but still NO WHERE NEAR as bad as weeks ago (pre-meds). Is it normal to still have bad / down / worrisome days at this point 2+ weeks in on meds?

I know I shouldn't be 100% better yet but I felt like I was making leaps and bounds the last 2 weeks, every day got better and better that I am a bit nervous and scared now that my meds aren't strong enough or that my body is adjusting and no med will never be enough etc. (scary thoughts like that). I do know you can have good and bad days just like before, so I am trying to make today a good day and trying to starve the "worries" instead of feed into them and let them consume me but I can't help but wonder how others feel/felt at 2+weeks in ;)  Thanks ladies!

Re: meds: how did you feel 2wks in?

  • For me, I felt worse before I felt better after initally starting the meds. It took about 4-6 weeks for me to feel better on prozac. I would just try to take each day as it comes. If you are feeling better, GREAT!! If not, don't worry. The meds do take time to do their thing.

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  • Im on Prozac also and initially I thought I was doing much better but I think finally getting sleep and my anti anxiety meds helped. I also am 2 weeks in and can say that the last few days have been a little rough so I think the meds are finally trying to make a final adjustment. So I feel you. Just stick with them....leave the house, clean, cook, entertain, make love...... those things alone can hopefully put your mind out of focus of any worries. good luck

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