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I was reading some posts below and saw that you were with Dr. Dickerson.  I switched to him for this pregnancy after having a horrible experience with Dr. Binder with my daughter.  He came highly recommended by a few people and got some great reviews on a local natural childbirth board I found when googling his name to see if he was right for me.  I'm not looking to have natural childbirth - but a VBAC this time.  He's totally supporting me, and I just LOVE him so far (22 weeks).  How was your experience with him?

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  • fantastic! i have referred several friends already who are now seeing him. I delivered with him a little over two weeks ago and he was fantastic! I didn't go "all natural" with him either -- in fact, I ended up having to be induced a couple of days past my due date due to rising blood pressure -- but he never forced me into anything and made me feel comfortable the entire time. he even helped us with our fertility issues.


    you made an excellent choice! enjoy your experience with him. 


    oh, and i don't know if he told you, but he delivers almost all of the babies of his patients (which is great, since you'll likely end up with him in the delivery room vs getting a partner)

  • he told me he'd do everything within his power to be at my delivery - because he tries to be at all of his patients deliveries, and due to my special circumstances with VBAC. 
  • isn't that great? he really will do everything in his power! what doctor does that?! he will write on your OB paperwork to call him when you're in labor, even if he's not on call. wonderful!!!


    good luck with your VBAC! i hope your experience this go-around is much better than last. dr. d also did our fertility treatment, and right before those last couple of pushes, he said, "today is a great day -- this is a clomid baby!" and i burst into tears. even though i had a not-very-fun induction (for medical reasons, bleh) he made it the best experience possible... which says a lot since i was super nervous!

  • LMAO I had to laugh at your ticker, which says you are 44 weeks pregnant...
  • i don't know what part of town you live in, but i have some hospital supplies (a ton of maternity pads and some of those mesh panties) that i didn't need -- let me know if you want them! my email is [email protected]
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