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Help needed, DS won't take a bottle :(

I gave him Avent and felt the flow was too fast, then I gave him Dr. Brown's and he took that bottle a hand full of times but then out of the blue wouldn't take it anymore.  So I went and got the Tommee Tippee bottles with anti-colic and DH just tried to give it to him for his bed time feeding and he is fighting it like crazy!!

I don't know what to do!!  I need for him to be willing to take it so if we need a babysitter or if DH wants to feed him, he can.  

Desperate for any advice.  TIA!!

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Re: Help needed, DS won't take a bottle :(

  • My DS did this at around 2 months old. He wouldn't take a bottle for about 3 weeks.  Tried 5 different types of bottles. FINALLY he started taking the First Years BreastFlow bottles.  Its wide shaped like a breast and flows like the breast.  Just keep trying with the bottle at least once a day.  He will eventually take it, but you might have to wait it out.  Also, I notice now with the bottle I have to give it to him before he starts getting upset that he is hungry.  If he gets himself too worked up, he won't take it at all.  GL!
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  • DD will still not take it from me, only did that 1x. But she takes it from others which is really all i care about right now:) He WILL take it eventually. We have good luck with faster flow nipples like Avent or Dr Browns but I have heard raves about breastflow from others, it was just too slow for dd.
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  • We had a very similar problem.  We were giving him one bottle a day so he could start getting used to it.  We had no problems then all of a sudden one day he screamed when we tried.  He did this for about 4 days then he started taking it again, no problem.  Happened around 8 weeks.  All I can say is keep trying.  He will take it again.  Also, some wonderful ladies on here told me not to keep switching bottles.  We thought maybe he didn't like his bottle anymore so we switched from Playtex VentAire to Breastflow.  The women on here said if you switch too many times it can confuse the baby and make it worse.  So, we just stopped trying for a couple of days and when we tried again he was ok.  Just be patient!
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