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speech evaluation this morning

So we had Maddie's speech evaluation today. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I think it went well. The therapist didn't think she was behind, she said they want kids to have 20-50 words at her age. M has about 30 words, 15 of which are "real" words (kick means kick, as opposed to lala means dog/elmo). Her only real concern was that Mads doesn't really have much interest in imitating words/sounds. She was totally fine on receptive speech, which I knew she would be.

So we were sent home with tons of worksheets for me to read, and lots of ideas to start implementing to encourage her to say new words. She said that I should see some improvement in 2-3 weeks. She also said that she *should* be learning at least one new word a week at this point (which she isn't doing right now). So we have a follow up appt in one month, and if she still isn't progressing at that point then we'll start speech therapy.

I'm a little disappointed, I thought it would be a little bit more of a formal evaluation, where she would tell me where she was (age wise) with her expressive speech. I guess that's a different program that does that kind of eval? But overall I'm pretty happy with how it went, and I'm looking forward to reading through all of the literature she gave me and starting to work with her at home.

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This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: speech evaluation this morning

  • that is really good news.  I'm sorry you didn't a get formal evaluation but it sounds like a good appointment. 
  • I'm glad it went well, even though it wasn't exactly what you anticipated! Smile

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  • I'm glad it went well and that you have a plan to move forward.
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  • glad it went well and that they gave you some things to do at home with her!! i bet preschool startting soon will help too!!
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  • That is good news!  Where did you have her evaluated?  I think you know, we just did this with Liam too.  I'm sure they will both be talking our ears off in no time! :)
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  • Sounds like a great appointment, even though it wasn't what you expected.  Yes
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  • Although your appt did not go as expected, it sounds like it went pretty good. 

    Many places do not do a 'formal' eval until kids are a little older--young children have such a broad range of 'normal' when they are learning to talk.

  • Glad it went well even though it wasn't what you expected!
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  • I'm glad you are overall happy with the appt.!!  I have a feeling we will be doing the same in the future.  I would love to hear some of the "exercises" that are in the literature she gave you. 
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