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WWYD if you were on the fence about another LO?

So DH and I are on the fence about having another baby.  The twins were our first and I would love another one (most days!) but DH says he's done for the most part but then other days he says, "maybe if we had a bigger house." 

So, since we are on the fence I am not sure what to do with all this baby stuff.  Do I keep everything?  Keep some things?  Give away/sell everything?  With two we have SO much stuff I would hate to get rid of it all and then decide in a few years we do want to try again.  What did you/Would you keep?  TIA!

Re: WWYD if you were on the fence about another LO?

  • We plan to definitely have more kids but doubt it will be twins, much less twin girls, so we decided to keep enough for one baby in the event that we have another girl down the road.

    Any duplicate outfits or overabundance of one size (i.e. we have a ton of 3 mo. clothing), I plan to sell or donate. I've given a bunch of their newborn stuff away already since a friend recently had a baby girl.

    As for equipment, we plan keeping one bouncer, swing, etc. The only thing I plan to keep two of are our PNPs since it would be convenient to have a second one for travel or keeping one at my parents' house for visits.

    HTH and GL

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  • Also...

    Do you belong to a MoM club or organization? If so, I'd check to see if they have an annual sale if you decide to sell some of your stuff.


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  • Thanks.  That's what I thought, just save 1/2 of everything.  I was planning to share our many clothes with a girlfriend whose pregnant but she's having a boy.  I am not yet a member of a club, as they closest one is not really close, but I think I may join anyway to meet MoM's IRL!
  • After JR, we kept EVERYTHING.  Right now I want another 1 or 2 in 5+ years.  Now we're selling everything at our MOTC sale.  I figure I can sell stuff there and if we have more, I can rebuy at pretty much the same price and not have to store it for years. 
  • We're on the fence (except it's me, not DH), but just in case I'm keeping some stuff.  I'm getting rid of all the duplicate things we have, because our twins came from fertility treatments which I don't plan on ever doing again, so hopefully if we do have another it will only be ONE more.  ;)  As for clothes, I'm keeping the pieces from both of them that I absolutely love and getting rid of the rest.  Don't get me wrong, we're keeping a LOT of clothes still, but getting rid of at least half of what they had if not more.  While we won't have enough for a full wardrobe for another kid, our families are clothes-buying crazy people so they'll most likely supplement what we're keeping to almost all the clothes another child will need.  If not, no biggie we'll just buy them as we need them.  I let BFF borrow a bunch of stuff for her new baby, that she's going to give back to me when she's done with it all so right now we really don't have a whole lot of little baby stuff in our house. 
  • We kept everything from Cal, had Julia, got rid of most of Cal's clothes, and than had Will. 

    We didn't think we'd have more kids after Julia, so that's why.

    Although I wish I had kept some of Cal's clothes, I think the amount of money I made selling the clothes and the cost I spent evened out.

    But, I would have saved the clothes if I had known I'd have another. 

  • I kept all the equipment I found useful (bouncy seat, exer-saucer, swing, changing table, pack n play, super gates, etc) and kept enough of the clothes and toys for one baby/LO.  I sold everything I thought was extraneous at my MoM's yard sale.

    Lucky for us, we had another boy so I have been able to use everything I saved.  I probably saved a little too much stuff but that's ok.  I will be selling all the items or giving them away as #3 out grows them {sniff}. 


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  • we got a lot of gently used clothes from friends when the girls arrived - so I weeded out the clothes and gave a bunch to good will, altho I still have a ton packaged up and stored in our basement...we are keeping everything we found useful for now...I expect SIL will be pregant any day now...and I want to offer her some of our doubles if she wants them...if not...I'll be posting 1/2 our equipment on craigslist...
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