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Grandma gotta love her

My grandma got all excited about buying baby stuff but she didn't think about what she was buying. She bought 3 snowsuits in the same size for the baby. We live in Southern California. She doesn't understand why I said we don't need them. I told her one might be okay just in case we went somewhere colder (trying to compromise with her) but that she should try and return at least two if not all three. She just kept saying well the baby needs to be dressed warmer than you. Yes, grandma but the average lowest temp is 54 in January that is not furry snowsuit weather. 

I probably jinxed it and we will have the coldest winter ever and I will wish she had a snowsuit to wear, lol. 

Re: Grandma gotta love her

  • Yeah, I would be scared if you needed a snowsuit- especially in the area you are in. Julian I could see, but not by you.
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  • I love Grandmas.  That's so cute.
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