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bringing frozen BM on vacation ?

next month we are driving 6 hours to stay w/family for a wedding. driving up wednesday night, wedding is saturday afternoon. we are leaving the baby w/a sitter for the wedding so i need to have enough milk to leave w/her- i figure 16-20 oz to be safe. is there any way i can bring up some frozen BM from my stash and have it stay safe in the car for 6 hours? i would expect it to thaw at least a little. or should i just pray i can pump enough extra the two days before the wedding?? eek!
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Re: bringing frozen BM on vacation ?

  • You can use dry ice to keep your 20 oz frozen in a cooler (I believe 5 lbs of dry ice will keep your milk frozen or slushy for almost 24 hrs). I found some good info on Milkshare. It was about shipping milk, but same thing really.
  • Once your milk starts thawing you have to use it in 24 hours.  What I would do is put 20ish oz in a regular cooler on the trip down there and use it for how many ever feedings it goes in the next 24 hours.  Pump when you use it in a bottle and put that milk in a fridge for the wedding.

    Does that make sense?

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  • both great ideas, thanks! i'll have to see if i can find some dry ice..if not ill use the second idea!
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