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Thank you for taking the time to post an extensive response.  I agree that introducing the bottle early on, which we did at 3 weeks (due to going back to work and a lot of literature I'd read that said it was fine), caused the poor latch at the breast.  I have tried and tried to get her latch properly.  I've read up, watched videos, had several meetings with LCs.  While I know intellectually what to do, in reality I cannot get her to open her mouth wide at the breast.  Even if she does latch properly, she then becomes more shallow and I hear slurping or clicking sounds.

I'm just so confused at the moment and last Friday I was ready to give up BFing, which I don't want to do.  I'm just really frustrated.

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Re: AmyG

  • My lo clicks a lot. He has a good latch though. Just an FYI. The clicking could be due to the milk coming too fast. If it doesn't hurt it's probably okay.

    have you seen these?

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  • Hang in there!  But don't beat yourself up if you can't!  My LO had latching problems and I tried for weeks because I was so determined to BF.  I tried a nipple shield, I tried everything.  I saw 3 different LC and it was like sometimes (very rarely) could she get it and the rest the time she had so desire to try and latch correctly.  To be honest, when she ate from a bottle she did not latch correctly there.  Never suckeled more of a chomp, chew, smack  pattern that she did.  I was devastated and since it became clear BF was just not working I had to become an exclusive pumper.  It is alot of work but I knew I was still able to give what was best to her.  Good luck!

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